In the Montessori inspired Catechism of the Good Shepherd programme, there is a work for the little ones to do about the resurrection. It is aptly called, ‘The Empty Tomb’. This work involves a papier-mâché model of the Holy Sepulchre which Christ was whitherto interred and little figurines of the various actors in the great theological drama of the resurrection. To do this work, the child uses the figures to act out the sequence of the resurrection from the moment Our Lord is buried to when St Mary Magdalene and the other women went to the tomb on Easter Sunday morning only to be shocked at the discovery of the angel in an empty tomb. The child is then invited to meditate on that mystery.

O what a mystery it is to meditate upon! Not just for these little ones, but also for us now and forever. This tomb, this empty tomb is the very linchpin of Our Faith! That we should marvel at its very emptiness, for a tomb is meant to hold those held captive by death, and not meant to hold that which is alive. It is thus very fitting that the tomb must be empty when it was discovered by these holy women. For Christ, who without need, took our place and allowed himself to be raised on the cross, raised Himself from the dead has conquered death. In doing so, He redeemed us of our sins, and at the same time destroyed, completely, the consequence of the sin of Adam. It must also be empty because it is Christ Himself, who resurrected Himself from the dead, unlike Lazarus who was called forth.

It is with this empty tomb that the St Peter and St John understood what had happened. It is with empty tomb that we know if we turn ourselves completely toward God, to align our wills completely with His Divine Will, to give ourselves completely to Him, that we may bath in the precious blood of His Son, to be forgiven of our sins and to enjoy with Him life everlasting. For the very fact that this extraordinary event is true. Death is now only a passing, our lives will be transformed through God.

And, it is with this very truth of this amazing empty tomb that the holy apostles, confessors and martyrs took the entire world by storm for Christ. That established, until recently, Christendom over all of Europe. This is the truth that continues to move men and women to imitate Him in His passion, shedding their blood under the sword, giving up their lives for His sake. My dear friends, this is truth is the truth that God has given to you. The very legacy of the Church, your heritage and the gift of Faith:

[T]hat Christ rising again from the dead, dieth now no more, death shall no more have dominion over him. For in that he died to sin, he died once; but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. – Romans 6:9-10