The Church entrusts to young people the task of proclaiming to the world the joy which springs from having met Christ. Dear friends, allow yourselves to be drawn to Christ; accept his invitation and follow him. Go and preach the good news that redeems; do it with happiness in your hearts and become communicators of hope in a world which is often tempted to despair.

– Pope John Paul II

Young people have always been vital to the Church, and have an important role to play as witnesses to Christ in their homes and schools, among their friends and classmates.

And yet there is a group of young people who, despite facing unique challenges to their faith, have thus far been overlooked – these are the students who leave Singapore to live and study overseas. Realising this, a group of Singaporean undergraduates studying in the UK and Ireland founded the Catholic Students Overseas Community (CSOC) in 2013.

For the ones who cannot stay in touch with parish groups back home, we offer fellowship and network with other Singaporean Catholics.

For the ones who are struggling to find relevance and meaning in the faith, we offer support and guidance in their journey to the truth.

For the ones who are curious about faith and God, we offer a means to explore what it truly means to have faith.

For the ones who face opposition to their Catholic faith from their friends, we offer help and encouragement in defending their faith.

And, through all this, we hope to empower these young people to, in the words of Pope John Paul II, proclaim to the world the joy which springs from having met Christ.

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